HE Assistive Technology update

If you are in HE and interested in the use of technology for inclusion, then you’ve probably heard of the HEAT (“HE Assistive Technology”) scheme which funded a massive range of projects in universities across the UK. JISC Techdis, which managed the projects, have upgraded the information available about the projects on their website, including:

  • entries for over 80 projects (they’re also working on getting updates for the earlier projects in the scheme)
  • you can find projects by Subject/function (eg Library)
  • you can also search by technology (eg mobile technology)
  • Del.icio.us tags make it easier to find what interests you

Other recent JISC Techdis news of interest to universities:

  • ALT/JISC Techdis conference Rewiring inclusion , 9 February 2010 in Nottingham – book now!
  • Universities will be expected to comply with the Autism Act, which is on its way to the statute books before the end of the year

Finally a reminder that JISC Techdis have a dedicated page for HE information here. And if you would like to order or download JISC Techdis publications for staff development events or meetings there are a number of guides specifically for HE here.

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